CODCD-1 Series
Die-cutting and Creasing Machine 750

   CODCD-1 Series Die-Cutting and Creasing Machine is the special equipment for die cutting and creasing many different kind sheet shape materials. Such as hard paperboard, corrugated paperboard, plastic, leather and so on. It is widely used in printing, packing and decorating industry. Our companie's product with its high-quality and competitive price are popular by our customers all over the world.


1.Sliding bearings are made of high quality alloy cooper, thus to get effect of anti-friction and shake reducing.
2.Flywheel is with big moment of force and large pressure.
3.High strength due to one piece casting by using top-ranking material for machine body.
4.Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
5.Have functions of single cutting and creasing, continuous cutting and creasing and time-lapse opening, time-lapse range is adjustable.
6.Operation height is reasonable designed, the opening corner of the moving-bed is big.
7.Focus lubrication system makes the machine can lubricate very well, and reduce the abrasion.
8.Safety system is reliable.

Technological Parameters:
Max. die-cutting and creasing area
Working speed
25±2 strokes/min
Max. Rule length
Machine Size(L×W×H)
·Semi-automatic carton printer
  and slotter

 1.COD4260/4860/5260/6050/7150 multi
   color printing & slotting machine

 2.COD3350/COD4840 multi-color
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   printing machine

·Automatic Colors carton
  Printer and slotterstacker

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   printing & slotting & rotary
  die-cutting machine

 2.COD950/COD4212 high speed flexo
   printing& slotting & rotary
  die-cutting machine

 3.COD 4210 multi-color printing &
  slotting machine

·Water base ink
·Slotter scorer

 1.NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

 2.CO-S Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

·Semi automatic Rotary diecutter

 1.CODMQ-1 Rotatory Die-Cutting Machine

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   Die-Cutting Machine

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·Platen diecutter
 1.CODCD-1 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 750
 2.CODCD-2 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 930
 3.CODCD-3 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1100-1200
 4.CODCD-4 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1300-1400-1500
 5.CODCD-5 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1600-1800
·Crasing and cutting rule
·Laminate machinery
·Water base coating machine
 1.CODFM-1 Water Laminated Machine
 2.CODFM-2 Water Laminated Machine
·Semi auto Folder gluer
·Automatic folder gluer
·Rdc stacker
·Semi auto stitcher
·Full auto stitcher
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