Die-cutting&Creasing Machine

Big Turning Pneumatic Clutch: The big turning pneumatic clutch responds the speed quickly, the dint is big, and usually need not maintenant, making started, nasty stoped, ordered to move, act accurately.

Align Paper Device:Horizontal and lengthways can automatic align paper, accept the tidy and easy to row in paper discard.
Automatic Feeding Paper:It is special design of the bottom feeding device making tile paper transported fast and accurately without any error, defend the paper design and avoid rowing the paper surface.

Crankshaft : The main driving system adopts worm wheel and worm gear pair and special crank shaft linkage mechanism connected by bearing shell which can reduce locomotive gap, avoid the crush of worm and worm gear and ensure the running speed. Pressure of die-cutting is high and able to be kept in high spot. The worm gear adopts the casting tin bronze to ensure long working hours and low abrasion.

Electrical Control Part: Computer control is adopted which can keep paper's feeding, transfering, die cutting and delivery in an automatic control and real-time detection. Man-machine interface indicating system will show machine's working state, trouble's position and its solution. There are various safty guarding devices that when accident occurs, it will give an alarm by sound and light and shut-down automatically to protect the safety of man and the machine.

Die-cutting Part : The active-rotating system is with strong pressure and long working hours after special design and optimized treatment. The central-position system and plate turning structure provide great convenience to operate. Borad nail is adopted for registration and the down steel plate adopts air-switch, which make it easy to install and remove.

   It is a special equipment applying to die-cutting of advanced colorful boxes and cartons. The machine combines several advantages over many other die-cutters both at home and abroad. Gripper bars with high intensity are applicable to all kinds of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated paper. Frontal, back and side registration mechanism ensures great precision of die-cutting. Other parts are adopted such as intermittent mechanism with high precision, air clutch, pneumatic locking mechanism, programmable controller and man-machine interface. The interface can display various digital information of machine such as working speed, amount of paper processed, total running time, etc. It is easy to eliminate troubles according to the display of trouble shooting. Transducer is adopted to control the main motor in achieving stepless speed variation. The machine has a lot of sensors and safety-ensuring devices to guarantee the safety of operator and the environment. Frontal and back pressure can be adjusted separately. It is convenient to stop the machine by handy. It can also realize die-cutting without clipper margin.

Technological Parameters:
Die-cutting Style
Even to flatten (bottom moving, top not)
Max.Paper size
Min.Paper size
Max.die-cutting size
Max.die-cutting pressure
Paper processed
Max speed
4500 sheets/h
Max.Feeding pile height
1400mm (above the level) pile height
Total power
Total Power
·Semi-automatic carton printer
  and slotter

 1.COD4260/4860/5260/6050/7150 multi
   color printing & slotting machine

 2.COD3350/COD4840 multi-color
   printing & slotting machine

 3.COD 8050 series of multi-color
   printing machine

·Automatic Colors carton
  Printer and slotterstacker

 1.COD950/COD4212 high speed flexo
   printing & slotting & rotary
  die-cutting machine

 2.COD950/COD4212 high speed flexo
   printing& slotting & rotary
  die-cutting machine

 3.COD 4210 multi-color printing &
  slotting machine

·Water base ink
·Slotter scorer

 1.NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

 2.CO-S Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

·Semi automatic Rotary diecutter

 1.CODMQ-1 Rotatory Die-Cutting Machine

 2.CODMQ-2 Paperboard Rotatory
   Die-Cutting Machine

·Automatic rotary diecutter
·Platen diecutter
 1.CODCD-1 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 750
 2.CODCD-2 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 930
 3.CODCD-3 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1100-1200
 4.CODCD-4 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1300-1400-1500
 5.CODCD-5 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1600-1800
·Crasing and cutting rule
·Laminate machinery
·Water base coating machine
 1.CODFM-1 Water Laminated Machine
 2.CODFM-2 Water Laminated Machine
·Semi auto Folder gluer
·Automatic folder gluer
·Rdc stacker
·Semi auto stitcher
·Full auto stitcher
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