NC Thin
Blade Slitter Scorer

Memory of 999 order,non-stop changeover or manual change over can be realized.
Change over quickly,within 3 to 8 seconds.Application of two machines can realize non-speed reduction changeover.
Automatic synchronize with the corrugaed line and can also get in line with manufacture management system. High compat ibility.
High quality imported industry computer and PLC equipped composing the CNC system.
There are three types of scores:concave-convex(single wall),concave-convex(double wall) and convex-flat,which can also be alternated with electrical system Scoring can also be computer controlled tith fine scoring results.
Thin tungsten steel alloy blade,sharp and long life of over 8 million meters.
Computer controlled auto grinding and manual grinding also applicable.Alternative grinding the blade when slitting the board,it can increase efficiency.
Imported synchronous belt applied for conveying with higher precision,longer life and lower noise.
·Semi-automatic carton printer
  and slotter

 1.COD4260/4860/5260/6050/7150 multi
   color printing & slotting machine

 2.COD3350/COD4840 multi-color
   printing & slotting machine

 3.COD 8050 series of multi-color
   printing machine

·Automatic Colors carton
  Printer and slotterstacker

 1.COD950/COD4212 high speed flexo
   printing & slotting & rotary
  die-cutting machine

 2.COD950/COD4212 high speed flexo
   printing& slotting & rotary
  die-cutting machine

 3.COD 4210 multi-color printing &
  slotting machine

·Water base ink
·Slotter scorer

 1.NC Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

 2.CO-S Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

·Semi automatic Rotary diecutter

 1.CODMQ-1 Rotatory Die-Cutting Machine

 2.CODMQ-2 Paperboard Rotatory
   Die-Cutting Machine

·Automatic rotary diecutter
·Platen diecutter
 1.CODCD-1 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 750
 2.CODCD-2 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 930
 3.CODCD-3 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1100-1200
 4.CODCD-4 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1300-1400-1500
 5.CODCD-5 Series Die-cutting and
   Creasing Machine 1600-1800
·Crasing and cutting rule
·Laminate machinery
·Water base coating machine
 1.CODFM-1 Water Laminated Machine
 2.CODFM-2 Water Laminated Machine
·Semi auto Folder gluer
·Automatic folder gluer
·Rdc stacker
·Semi auto stitcher
·Full auto stitcher
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