CODFG-3 Automatic
Gluer and Strapping Machine

Machine's characteristics:
   Automatic Gluer is mainly composed by 3 parts: Paperboard feeding part, Gluing and folding part, Counting and booking part. Frequency conversion adjusting speed, PLC control, Finger touch screen for input data, operation is easy and reliable. Automatic paperboard feeding, automatic folding, automatic counting, automatic booking and sending out. Average pasting speed is 120pcs/min, highest speed is 150pcs/min.

A.Paperboard feeding part

1.Use belt absorb auto feeding model, it is exact and reliable.
2.Use high-grade electromagnetism clutch and electromagnetism brake system, this make the paperboard sending part can be controlled separately, operation is simple and reliable.
3.There is pressline wheel, the height of the pressline wheel can be adjusted, suitable for paperboard thickness 2-8mm.
4.Linkage with the folding part, frequency conversion speed adjust, speed of paperboard sending is 0-120m/min.
5.The front baffle and paperboard sending belt can be adjusted left and right.

B.Gluing and folding part

1.Main motor is use frequency conversion adjust speed, the system has no noisy, speed adjust flexibly and stably.
2.Use imported belt with high friction for sending paperboard, automatically fold.
3.Use stainless steel for gluing, gluing uniformly and econo mically without problem.
4.There is remedy equipments for paperboard and remedy equipment for pressline in the folding part.
5.Size of the paperboard

Technological Parameters:


Min. Paperboard size

Max. Paperboard size










Machine's characteristics:
6.There are high-tech subtense revising equipment, servo motor drive, PLC control, has patent.
7.Folding speed: 0-120m /min.
8.Electrically adjust left and right board.
9.There is equipment for adjusting the scissors gap.

C.Counting and booking pa
1.Use PLC control and finger touch screen, digital control, operation is easy, work is reliable, can input data without stopping the machine, automatically counting and exactly output.
2.Use up and down belt for transporting carton, has function for correcting an error, booking in order,booking speed 0-120m/min.
3.Use kicker board for kicking the carton, has function of correcting an error, has very low error.
4.Counting and output use pneumatic model, PLC control, work is reliable and exact, speed is high.
5. Booking height:8-25pcs.

D.Automatic strapping Part:
   Automatic strapping machine is composed of table roller drive model auto-strapping machine, carton 90°turning equipment, front-back and left-right flap machine, and the carton press machine. The carton finished from auto-gluer machine, run into the roll-table, turn 90°, then go to the strapping part, after flapped by the flap machine, then press, and finally strapped with belt, and automatically run out. In this way, can realize automatically gluing and strapping machine.
1.Working table height:850mm
2.Speed:7times/min(two belts strap),12times/min(one belt strap).
3.Power: 380V/50H Z、2KW
4.Air compress: 0.5MPa×0.3m2/min

E.1.Machine's size:

















2.Power:380V, 10KW, it is economical for power.
3.All the electrical elements are imported, such as Omron
  (from Japan), Schneider and so on.
4.The belts are imported from Italy.
5.The electrical motor is famous brand from Taiwan.
6.The transducer and Sevo-motor is from Taiwan Delta.

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