strapping machine

   This machine is used in automatic production line of paperboard cartons. It can tidy up the cartons and make strapping automatically.
   Technological Parameters:
   Technological Parameters for Automatic strapping machine
1) Power:380V,50HZ,1.3KW/10A. Air-pressure:6Bar.(when speed is
   25times/min, air-pressure cost is about 450L.)
2) Machine Height:850mm(We can produce as customer's requirement).
3) Packing Frame Size:1000mm (width)×500mm (Height)(We can produce    as customer's requirement).
4) Speed: Single strip: 25strip/min, it is suitable for high-speed
   production line. Sending speed: 35m/min.
5) Use four-direction orientation tidying the packages, make sure
   the cartons front, back, left and right are in order. When
   strapping, have up press system.
6) Strapping model: Parallel 1~several strips. It can be controlled    by hand,by photoeletricity and so on,also can directly sending.
7) Packing band requirement: width 5-6mm, thickness 0.5-0.6mm.
8) Band roll suitable for: Width: 160mm, inner-diameter:210mm,
                           out-diameter: 400-500mm.
9) Machine size after package: About 4.5m*1.6m*2.1m.
10) Max. carton size: as requirement.
11) Min. Carton Size: as requirement.
12) Electrical parts: “OMRON” brand PLC control system, French “TE” brand button, “Schneide” Brand contactor, “OMRON” brand electrical-relay, “UL” brand Motor, “B+F” inductive switch and proximity switch.
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